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Moving is stressful. Regardless of why you're moving, the last thing you want to do is deal with a sub-par moving company. You should be thinking about where you're going to live, work, and send the kids to school instead of worrying about your movers damaging your possessions or being unreliable. Fortunately, Kloke Moving & Storage is one of the top Virginia movers in the business.

When you are looking for moving or storage companies in Virginia for your home or business, you should expect the highest levels of care and service. After all, there is nothing more important to your family than your home or business. Whether your move and storage demands are local, out of state, or international, Kloke Moving & Storage is here to cater to your every need. We have the people and the know-how to facilitate moves of any distance and scale. Our team of professionals will make sure that whatever you need will get done right.

With locations in Northern Virginia, Fredericksburg, Richmond, and Tidewater, Kloke Moving & Storage has facilities and people ready to provide you with full-service or do-it-yourself solutions for you're moving and storage needs.

If you are moving your home or need extra storage space for your household belongings, Kloke Moving & Storage can provide full-service packing, moving, and storage as well as do-it-yourself options through our Go Mini's portable storage containers. That's the kind of flexibility that helps you get things done without going over your budget.
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Need to relocate your business? Commercial storage needs? Product distribution challenges?, Kloke Moving & Storage is your answer. We specialize in office moving, property and product warehousing, records management and storage, and even full-scale library moving. We are a one-stop shop for all of the moving and storage needs of your business. Leave the moving and the storage to us while you focus on managing your business.

As leading Virginia movers, we serve regions all across the state of Virginia. You won't find any other Richmond movers, Northern VA movers, or Tidewater movers as committed to making your move as easy and worry-free as possible. The fact is, we recognize that we're not just moving a bunch of items—we're moving people and their households. With professionalism, flexible product and service offerings, and a commitment to excellence, Kloke Moving & Storage is your best bet for a safe and timely move.
Contact us today to find out why Kloke Moving & Storage is Virginia's “Personal, Professional, Proud” mover.