Four Best Packing Materials for Moving

peanutsThe last thing anyone wants to hear during a move is the sound of cracking glass or splintering wood. That’s why carefully packaging your fragile items is so important when you’re moving, whether it’s across town or across Virginia. Movers have perfected packing techniques over the years and know the best materials to use to insulate your treasured items from bumps and jolts. These materials include:

  • Camping foam – For boxes containing high-end furniture or heavy fragile objects, camping foam makes an excellent insulator.
  • Packaging peanuts – Cheap and easy to come by, foam packaging peanuts are an ideal packing material for most applications. Small and flexible, packing peanuts won’t scratch your items and will have enough give to insulate items from shock without damaging them. When using packing peanuts, be sure to pack them densely enough to provide adequate protection.
  • Inflated plastic bags – These bags provide ample insulation from bumps and jolts, and have a smaller environmental footprint than packaging peanuts. Carefully pack your boxes with these bags to provide protection against bumps and jolts in the moving van.
  • Newspaper – An old moving standby, densely packed newspaper can provide an adequate defense against contact damage and bumps and jolts. Newspaper also has the added benefit of being very biodegradable and recyclable.

Kloke Group provides full-service packing and moving services for residential and business clients throughout the state of Virginia. The company also provides storage services. An award-winning agent for Mayflower and United Van Lines, Kloke takes the hassle and stress out of changing addresses.

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