Packing & Unpacking

Moving is more than just putting stuff in the back of a moving van and driving across the country. To coordinate a move properly, you also have to carefully pack and unpack an entire household’s worth of furniture, dishes, lamps, pictures, toys, electronics, and much more. Instead of worrying about all of that yourself, why not let an experienced team of Kloke professionals package your belongings? An expert among Richmond, Manassas, and Alexandria, Virginia movers, Kloke Group will get you and your household to your new destination without hassle or worry.

Training and experience has equipped our team of packaging professionals with the skills to get the belongings that make up your home to their new location safely and securely. By utilizing quality, specialized materials we can package everything from linens, to fine china and crystal, to that bulky lamp you just don’t know what to do with. If you ever moved into and out of a college dorm, you know how much work is involved in moving stuff on your own.

More importantly, you don’t want to risk the safety of your possessions. Kloke Group can get those belongings to your new home and unpack them safely. What’s more, by utilizing our professional crews, you can maintain your organized home longer. Moving is hard enough when you have your household in order, but as soon as you have to pack up the things you use everyday, it can become a huge hassle. With our packaging team, you no longer need to start packing weeks or months prior to your move date. Days before your move, we will come in and get you packaged and ready to go—the move doesn’t have to result in a long period of downtime for you and your family.

Moving can cause many stresses. Why add to those stresses by living among boxes for weeks and worrying if you used enough newspaper to protect grandmother’s serving dish? The peace of mind alone is worth having Kloke Group pack your household professionally. With the packing, moving, and unpacking taken care of, you’ll have more time and energy to focus on the more important things associated with your move.

In addition to full packaging services, we can also provide a customized plan to meet nearly any budget or concern. There are do-it-yourself options, and we can even unpack you at your new residence! Among the various Richmond and Alexandria, Virginia movers, Kloke Group is simply the best value and service money can buy.