Moving Planning in Virginia

Family with Inventory — Moving Planner  in Newport News, VA
There are three simple steps to planning and managing a successful residential move.

1. Create an up-to-date household inventory.

This list should include specific information about furnishings, appliances, personal and household belongings and more. It should help define the elements and details of your move by noting each item, recording its weight, estimating its value, and assigning special services- such as handling and packaging, where required. It should also provide a blueprint for the move itself by noting the source and destination locations. It should reference related documents – such as purchase receipts- that help support valuation estimates. Finally, it should assist in determining what to move, what to sell, what to discard, etc.

A well-founded planner will provide an invaluable tool for executing every aspect of your move.

To help you collect and record this information properly, we have created the“Kloke Household Inventory Planner.”

Click here to download our Kloke Household Inventory Planner
2. Select a reliable carrier.

There are many factors to consider in selecting the best carrier for your move. Cost is always a major factor in this process, so it is very important to understand that selecting the wrong carrier is the most costly mistake of all.

Every household is unique. The physical make-up of your household inventory – from the number of items to their shape, weight, and value – differs dramatically from one family to the next.

Every family is unique. Some want to roll up their sleeves and move boxes themselves while others want every item packed and loaded by professionals.

Every move is unique. Some are destined for delivery to a spacious warehouse with a line of forklifts while others will travel a winding staircase in a four-story walk-up.
3. Manage your move with a checklist.

Managing the movement of household items is only a part of the project. More important still is the relocation of your family. A checklist includes a chronology of tasks you will need to accomplish for the successful relocation of both.