Equipment Movers in Virginia

Tools Movers — Specialty Equipment Moving  in Newport News, VA
There are many items that require specialty equipment to be moved and there is specialty equipment that makes moving more efficient.

In either case, Kloke Moving & Storage takes the lead in procuring and utilizing such equipment to provide our customers with the assurance that their job is done right and on time. The Kloke Moving & Storage of Virginia has the tools and knowledge to handle all of your relocation, moving and storage needs.

Computers & IT Equipment

Employees are a company’s most valuable asset, but after that, your IT equipment might be your most valued possession. The safest way to move computers are in Iron (not wood) sided Office Carts. We first surround your equipment in anti-static bubble wrap bags. Next, they are carefully loaded onto the office carts which are enclosed tightly with stretch wrap.

Server Room Moves

We know the importance of getting your server moved first and most importantly safely. We load servers and server room equipment at the back end of the first truck so it is the first thing unloaded at the destination. In some cases, servers are too valuable to move co-mingled with other items, so we load them separately on special air ride trucks to ensure your valuable equipment has the smoothest transition possible.

File Rooms, Warehouses, Libraries, Active Parts Bins

If you have a room dedicated to files, books or parts it is important you have access to those during the entire move process. We offer special wood Book Bins that can be loaded by your team or our team days before the move. They can remain accessible so your staff can use the files, books, or parts all the way up until the hour before they are loaded on the truck for transport. The same is true once the items are delivered. They do not have to be unloaded until their final destination is ready, but your staff has minimal downtime.

Plastic Crates

Modern moves do not require cardboard boxes. Items are packed into reusable plastic crates saving you time and money. The crates are also able to be locked with numbered zip ties if additional security is required. The best part about using crates for a move is that you do not have the pain and expense of disposing of all the cardboard boxes and the downtime of assembling and dissembling those boxes.

Cubicle Moves

If your office has cubicles or workstations our specialized installers are trained to disassemble and reassemble your modular furniture properly and efficiently. It is important that these custom installations are not an afterthought. In many cases, you may need an expert to come out and inspect the product in its current configuration and determine what is required to get your product installed in your new space. Our installers know what it takes to reconfigure a cubicle installation and we can let you know what parts need to be ordered and where power needs to be located.