Special Moving Services in Virginia

While it is our aim to provide all of our customers with specialized attention to simplify their moves, we do realize there are times when some of our customers have particular moving needs that require specific attention. In those instances, we are here to help in an appropriate manner.
Two Men Handling Box — Special Needs Moving  in Newport News, VA
Senior Citizens

If you are older or physical limitations require additional services or coordination with third-party medical providers, our relocation consultants and coordinators can pre-plan to make necessary accommodations.

Whether by choice or necessity, seniors may find themselves faced with the task of downsizing their belongings to relocate to more intimate surroundings.

In these situations, we can provide people with compassion and understanding that will assist with the moving or relocation project at a pace that is comfortable for the client.

We can also provide storage and transportation services to send belongings to distant relatives.

As a major supplier of relocation and storage services to all branches of the United States Military, we understand the special situation our airman, soldiers and sailors and their families face with a new duty assignment.

Having moved military personnel across town and around the world, we are here to help make your transition and relocation as easy as possible.
Special Needs

Every day brings new opportunities to serve our diverse clientele. If you have a specific situation not listed, please do not hesitate to talk with your relocation consultant.

If we have not assisted someone in your situation, our resources are plentiful and we are sure to find a way to accommodate you – even if it means finding an organization that can serve your unique moving needs better than we.