Tips for Moving Small Business Offices

Moving to a new office space is always an exciting time in the life of a small business. Setting up shop in more spacious or upscale facilities shows growth in your business, and lets clients and competitors know that you’ve arrived. Making a smooth transition is important, and Virginia movers with years of experience in business moving have a few tips for small businesses who are upgrading their office space.

  • Set a schedule for moving. Having a timeline can help minimize any disruption that moving will cause to your business. Schedule time to ensure you get all the permits you may need, get utilities turned on, etc. Also, try to schedule your move on a date where business activities will be minimal.
  • Getting movers and cleaners hired well ahead of time is also important. Last minute hires may be expensive, and your options may be limited to sub-par services.
  • Work with your moving company to set up a game plan for the move, including floor plans for where everything needs to go at the new office.
  • Letting your vendors know of any needs — signage, furniture, etc. — at the new site ahead of time is also important. When you set up shop, you want the new site to be as close to complete as possible.
  • Keep your employees and customers informed. Send letters and make calls to make sure everyone’s on the same page about the move. This will avoid confusion that could cause disruptions in your operations.

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